Spring is Just Ahead – You Need this Guide to Power Washing a Wood Deck


Spring is coming! It is really just around the corner, well, it’s a corner that’s far away, but it’s there, and it’s headed this way. It may not feel like it with all of the cold temperatures and rain recently, but it will arrive.

Since you know that spring will be here eventually, you need to start planning everything that you need to do once you inhale that first breath of fresh spring air. While there is a long list of items that need to be completed each spring, none of them are as important as power washing your deck. After all, you know you are going to want to start using this space all the time, so you might as well get it nice and clean first!

Here is your guide to power washing your wood deck once spring arrives:

Choose the Proper Pressure Setting and Spray Tip

We recommend using the lowest pressure setting possible for the job that you are doing, which is why we always say start low and work your way up only if necessary. A good rule of thumb is 500 psi, but you can go up to 1,200 psi for harder woods if you need to. We prefer the fan tip, which has a forty to sixty degree spread, but you can use a rotating tip if you are careful. We recommend that you test the pressure you want to use in an inconspicuous area, so that if something happens, you won’t be able to see it every time you walk onto your deck.

Consider Your Technique

When you squeeze the trigger, you should have it a couple feet above the deck surface, and you should squeeze it before you lower the wand to about twelve inches above the surface of the deck. We recommend using a sweeping motion as you wave the wand over your deck, as you work with the grain of the wood and move from the house outwards.

Always Sand After Washing

Once your deck is nice and clean after a power washing, we recommend giving it a good sanding. This will smooth over the rough surface that happened when you were cleaning your deck. While you can check for rough spots and only smooth those areas over, you may be better off sanding the entire deck, so you don’t miss any spots. The sanding will also allow the stain or paint you use the next time to soak into the wood better.

If you carefully follow these steps and tips when you power wash your wood deck, you will be ready to place your patio furniture on it and use it sooner than you think. Then you can sit and watch as all your unprepared neighbors struggle to catch up on their outdoor work.

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