Save Money on Bathroom Remodeling by Refinishing


With frequent use and the almost constant presence of moisture, the average bathroom faces a lot of challenges. After a few years, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them looking like they did just a few years ago. And, like most homeowners, you may see images online or in magazines that show how far behind your bathroom is in terms of keeping up with trends.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to deal with everything that your bathroom lacks. Cost is one of the main reasons why people put off remodeling of this important part of the home. If a complete remodel is too much for your budget, bathroom, refinishing is a viable alternative.

What is Bathroom Refinishing?

Typically, remodeling a bathroom calls for the replacement of some fixtures like the bathtub, shower doors and tiles. The goal of refinishing is to give these features a new look, which could save roughly 80% of the cost of remodeling. These items will remain in place, but they will be treated in such a way that they appear new, thereby giving the bathroom a much-needed update.

Refinishing Methods

Whether you can opt for bathroom refinishing depends on the specifics of your bathroom’s design. The most common targets for this method are the bathtub, shower doors and ceramic tiles.

  • The bathtub. The enamel coating can become scratched, chipped or stained during its lifetime. Refinishing, which is also called reglazing, will make it look brand new. The process involves removing the old coating and sanding the surface. Holes and rusted areas will be repaired before it is primed, coated and sealed.
  • Ceramic tiles. Some types of ceramic tiles can be given a new color, and this is much cheaper than removing the tiles and buying new ones. The tiles cannot be reglazed, since this finish is baked on during the manufacturing process. The technician will seal the grout lines to help protect the tile work.
  • Shower enclosures. Heat and moisture take a toll on the shower door frame. If you are changing the color scheme in the bathroom, you can give the shower frame a new look to match it, instead of replacing the shower door. You can also restore the glass by removing calcium deposits. There are products available that can be used for removing light screatches to make the shower door glass look new.

Bathroom refinishing can be a DIY project, but this depends on the extent of the work that needs to be done, and the complexity of the process. While there are numerous instructional videos online, as well as refinishing kits, the best results may depend on getting professional help.

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