Remove Layers of Old Paint from Metal without Harsh Chemicals


Almost every home we have entered over the years has had at least one piece of metal that has been painted over. While we can understand why someone would do this, we prefer the look of true metal. That is why we have found some wonderful ways to remove all those layers of paint without the harsh fumes of chemicals.

One of the easiest ways to remove layers of paint from metal is to use boiling water. This works best if you are looking to remove paint from hardware, knobs, hinges, and other similar items. You won’t need too much for this type of project, but you will want to gather everything up before you get started.

The items you will need include:

  • A disposable aluminum tray, pot, or crockpot
  • A putty knife or metal scraper
  • A lint-free cloth
  • Boiling water
  • A soft bristled brush
  • Baking Soda
  • Gloves

Once you boil your water, you can place your metal into the aluminum tray, pot, or crockpot and pour the water over it. We do need to mention that if you choose to use a pot or a crockpot for this purpose, please do not use them to cook with in the future. This will solely be your paint removal device from now on! The only reason we recommend using them is because you can turn them on to keep the water boiling, instead of needing to boil fresh water every time for the aluminum pan.

You will then let the metal pieces soak until the paint begins to bubble. If the paint does not begin to bubble after a few minutes, you will need to remove the water and add more boiling water. The next step is to carefully scrape away the paint, while the metal is still in the water. It is necessary to wear gloves during this step, so you do not burn yourself.

As soon as all the paint is removed, you should dry and buff the metal pieces with a lint-free cloth. This is to remove as much dirt, grime, and tarnish as possible. You may notice that you still have little pieces of paint stuck in certain areas of the metal as you are doing this. If that happens, we recommend placing the metal back into the container, pour more boiling water over it, and add some baking soda as well.

After you have polished the metal for the last time, you will see how it will look when you hang it back up. There may still be some tarnish on the metal, which you can choose to leave in place or remove to make the metal look shiny and new.

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