Pergola Plans & Construction

Pergolas find their roots dating back to Italy during the 17th century. Today, pergolas are used as an architectural feature that forms a shaded pathway for your home. You can also use them as covers for Vines and branches may be let loose on its mock roof to form the actual shade.


These structures can be made from various materials such wood, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, and brick. Pergola designs are generally categorized into two types; the traditional and the modular. Further variations for the roof, posts, and columns may be done according to your preference.

Wood material is often used in a home garden setting. Pergolas in this bracket may serve as a pathway from one area of the house to another. Some of these areas are the fence towards the front porch and the backdoor towards the yard. Orchids and flowers may constitute the roof material in this setting.

Flowers act not only as roof material for these structures but as additional landscape to your home. Each one compliments the other. Flowers provide the shade needed in these pathway structures. The structure provides support for the flowers.

Other materials listed maybe more prominent in commercial locations. Pergolas herewith may link one building to another. They can even serve as hallway and walkway shade for open roof areas. Parts such as the roof, posts, and columns are more experimental in a commercial setting.

Plan, Organize, Build

Creating the perfect pergola can be broken down into three easy steps: planning, organizing, and building. Planning includes gathering information on the types of materials you’d like to use, the overall “look” and color scheme as well as layout.

Organizing includes answers to five specific questions:

  • Implementing the design to choose
  • How to best use the materials chosen
  • Selecting the right contractor to build it
  • Where will it be placed
  • When will you begin

Knowing important details about your pergola project is exactly what we do, and we will help you from start to finish by making sure your pergola is perfect! To find out how we can help, call us at 920-615-6789 or contact us now through the site.