Looking for the Perfect Color to Paint Your Kitchen?


When was the last time you painted your kitchen? A year ago, five years ago, never? It happens, especially since it can be so difficult to choose the perfect color for this room in your house!

Most kitchen designers state that the best colors for a kitchen are earthy colors, warm neutral colors, and bright colors, as they make everyone feel welcome and cherished. Of course, these colors also coordinate with other items in the room, reflect light, and are favorites to those who walk in.

Here are 5 of the perfect colors for painting your kitchen:

Stay Safe with Warm Neutral Shades

There are plenty of warm neutral shades that you can choose from for painting your kitchen, but in reality, there are even more than you know about. The reason for this is that any color can be changed into a neutral one with the help of shade and tint. A little red, orange, or yellow can turn a neutral color into a warmer shade, while greens, violets, and blues can be added to cool a neutral shade down.

Go Bold with Red

Not every kitchen can pull off a bold red color, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try if you are ready to take a chance. This red color can break through the gloominess that darker colored countertops and cabinets bring, while it easily becomes a focal point amongst all your stainless-steel appliances.

Go Earthy with Dark Brown

This earthy color matches the colors that can be found on a farm where most foods come from, which is why it is the perfect option for any kitchen. This is an excellent choice if you do not want to go completely neutral yet want a color that is safe in this room.

Go Classis with White

Many homeowners love the look of white walls that are surrounded by white cabinets, white countertops, and white accents. It is almost impossible to have too much white, yet it is possible to add any type of accent color too. This is the perfect color if you like to switch things up in your kitchen with the seasons, or the holidays, as white will always match what you want to display.

Go Light and Mellow with a Light Yellow

Yellow is always a wonderful color option for kitchens, especially if you tone it down so it is not bright and overpowering. This color will match almost every cabinet finish, while reflecting the light at the same time.

While these are the favorite paint colors for kitchens, you may find that you have your own favorite color that will work perfectly in your space. Just keep in mind that your goal is to create an inviting space that everyone will want to stay in for hours.

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