Ideas to Consider as You Plan to Remodel Your Kitchen before the Holidays


For many homeowners, kitchen remodeling is always on their minds, but when holidays approach, this becomes more important. As they start to think about family gatherings and parties, they realize that a sprucing up of the space is a good idea. Remodeling might also address some lingering functionality issues. These ideas will provide some inspiration to get your kitchen ready for the holiday season.

  1. Display dishes and cookware. Embrace the vibrancy of the festive season by using your beautiful dishes as decorations. Open shelving is currently a popular trend for this purpose, plus it makes the kitchen seem larger. Not having to open doors gives you quicker access to the items you want when you are working under pressure. If the doors are not a problem, consider glass front cabinets to get a similar effect.
  2. Coffee and tea station. Many people start their day with tea or coffee, so make it more convenient by having a spot set aside for this. This will allow guests to help themselves while you are busy with breakfast or meal planning for the holidays. No major construction is required, as you can simply place a hutch or table in a suitable spot.
  3. Entertainment features. Since guest will most likely gather in or near the kitchen, you should find ways to keep the party going. Now it is easy to get audio and video systems in your kitchen. These products can sometimes be controlled using smartphones. Some types come with touchscreens that can be used from the bedroom, allowing you to set the mood before you even get to the kitchen.
  4. Improve lighting. If you have not paid much attention to your lighting over the years, now is the right time to get this done. Ensure that the kitchen has layered lighting options for convenience and comfort. Task lighting above meal prep areas is ideal, and you can include dimmers to set the ambiance.
  5. Add seating. Seating options should always be considered for gatherings. It will keep them from getting in the way as you are busy preparing meals. Bar stools are popular in kitchens, but you should also look at lounge seating to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

You will not need a lot of time to implement these ideas, but you should still get started early. You can also add more color to the kitchen using artwork and drapes.

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