Give Your Guest Bathroom a Fresh New Appearance before the Holidays


When you start planning for the holidays, one thing you should not overlook is whether your home is ready for visitors. For guests, the bedroom and bathroom will be theirs for the duration of the stay. With new drapes and linens you can quickly rejuvenate the look of the bedroom. Things will not be as simple when dealing with the bathroom. Here are some useful tips that will make it more welcoming for guests.

  1. Update the color. Start with your color palettes to get the right theme for the guest bathroom. The guest bathroom does not usually get the same level of attention as the master bathroom, so a color makeover may be necessary. Many people enjoy doing their own paint jobs, but with the holidays fast approaching, a professional may be the best option. Grays, whites and various shades of blues and greens can be ideal for this space, so have some fun with the color selection.
  2. Add some charm. Even a plain bathroom can be livened up with some simple decorative choices. Low cost improvements you can make in a hurry include adding flowers or a piece of artwork. Attractive light sconces on either side of the mirror can also make a statement. You can also add a few decorative elements to reflect the spirit of the season.
  3. Add a backsplash. This can be just as effective in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen. A new backsplash will instantly brighten the bathroom, and make cleaning easier. This is also a good way to infuse the space with more color and warmth. Since a variety of materials and styles are available, explore a few options before making a selection.
  4. Get new hardware. By changing the knobs or pulls on bathroom cabinets you can give them a new look even without any additional work. Towel racks or robs hooks that look dingy or rusty can detract from the style of the bathroom. New hardware will add some much needed luster and brightness.
  5. Replace cabinets. Your cabinets might be in god condition, but still show the age of the bathroom. Take advantage of the new styles out there for a quick update. This alone can take a few years of the bathroom, making it look like new. If you can’t afford replacements, consider refinishing or repainting.

You will not need a complete bathroom overhaul to make guests feel welcome. Deal only with the most obvious issues, and focus on making it more attractive.

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