Get Ready for Halloween with these Great Decoration Ideas


One of the great things about decorating your home is that it gives you the chance to show some creativity. This is especially true for Halloween, and there is no shortage of ways to make your home spectacularly spooky for the season. Whether you are buying decorations or making your own, these ideas will help.

  1. Door monster. With some masking tape, paper, fabric scraps and large googly eyes, you can turn your front door into a scary looking monster face. Use a long strip of tape left to right near the bottom, with smaller pieces crossing it vertically to simulate teeth. You can also cut large triangles using paper for this purpose. If you can’t find large googly eyes, draw them on large sheets of paper and attach them to the door. Hanging the fabric strips at the top will give the monster some hair.
  2. Hanging lanterns. Orange colored hanging lanterns will reflect the Halloween pumpkin theme, while adding a spooky yet charming décor. Make a project out of it by looking for tutorials online for making the lanterns.
  3. Do-it-yourself Jack-o-lanterns. You can skip the pumpkin and make your own Jack-o-lantern using construction paper. An easy way to do this is by getting orange colored tissue paper balls and then gluing on the face. You can also crumple used newspaper into a ball before covering it with orange construction paper.
  4. Hanging bats. Decorate your front porch and yard with hanging bats that you made. You will need black construction paper or craft foam, scissors and fishing line or thin wire for hanging. Bat templates are easy to find so you will have no trouble getting the right look.
  5. Spider theme. Make or buy spider-web patterns to adorn the front porch. Create spiders using black construction paper and hang them with fishing line or wire. Make a large spider-web using rope to finish off the look.
  6. Ghostly theme. With a few branches and some old white sheets you can make your own ghostly apparitions to scare trick-or-treaters. Hang them from trees in the front yard and let the wind help create the spooky atmosphere. If your porch has an overhang, this can also be used.
  7. Cheerful look. Instead of going spooky, consider a cheerful Halloween theme. Make smiling pumpkins and ghosts using construction paper to decorate the porch area and door. Hang a large trick or treat sign to welcome visitors.

To keep trick-or-treaters safe on your property, make sure that there is enough lighting for them to find their way around.

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