Get into the Holiday Spirit and Prep Your Home Now!


It is a fact of modern living that getting ready for the holidays means more than just buying gifts and putting up decorations. Now it also means putting in some work to make the home ready for visitors. The kitchen and bathroom are two areas that will need some extra attention, but other parts of the home will need a few updates as well. Use these pointers to get you started on the right track for the holiday season.

  1. Get the kitchen ready. Start with a thorough cleaning of the kitchen. Wipe down all large appliances and clean out the microwave and oven. If your countertop is cluttered with small appliances build a small pantry or add a buffet. Carry out routine maintenance tasks like checking bulbs, door gaskets and vents to avoid problems during the height of the season. If there have been any issues with major appliances get them checked just in case repairs are needed.
  2. Check the windows. During cold seasons, you can’t afford to have the home losing heat. Check the caulking around the windows to make sure it is intact. This is a good time to consider replacements to increase energy efficiency in the home. This investment will continue to pay off with a more comfortable interior and lower utility bills.
  3. Do a quick bathroom update. You don’t need to do a lot of work in the bathroom to make it presentable for guests. First, check for drips and carry out repairs. Make sure there is no mold and clean all surfaces. A new, low flush toilet is a good idea as it will continue to save you money long after the guests have gone. A seasonal shower curtain and minor decorations will be the finishing touches.
  4. Add a bathroom. With more people in the house, another bathroom might be needed. With the right contractor, it will not take long to set up a bathroom or powder room. This will also increase the value of the home.
  5. Refresh with a paint job. With the holidays approaching, it is a good idea to give the home a new look by using new colors. Slate gray, turquoise and soft blues are among the worthy candidates for the living room.

Deal with any other factors that can affect comfort during the winter season. Make sure the furnace is working properly, and if time allows, consider adding a fireplace. Preparing your home for the holidays can be a good family DIY project, but if you use a contractor, choose one that is qualified to do the job at hand.

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