Essential Factors to Consider When Remodeling the Bathroom


After you have made the decision to remodel your bathroom, you will have start planning. Some people make the mistake of visiting the nearest supplier and picking up the most attractive items they come across. In the end you can end up with a bathroom that is a mishmash of finishes, styles and colors. To avoid this, keep in mind these important factors to guide your purchasing decisions.

  1. The amount of space you have. Bathroom sizes vary, and you may not be lucky enough to have the amount of square footage you want. Knowing how much space you have is essential to shaping the look of your project. You will not end up buying something that is too large for the space.
  2. The layout. If you are not satisfied with the current layout, this is the time to address it. Instead of just changing out fixtures, think about the flow of the space and the positioning of fixtures. You can make the problem worse if you opt for larger fixtures without dealing with flaws in the layout.
  3. Style. Your personal taste should influence your decisions when remodeling the bathroom. You should also consider the existing décor of the rest of the house, and design a bathroom that will match it. If you know you cannot afford to remodel in the next few years, focus on durability instead of just the look. Choose simple furniture and fixtures that will work with changing trends so the space will not feel outdated quickly.
  4. Lighting. The bathroom needs to be a well lit space, and it benefits from different types of lighting. A light over the sink and mirror will make it easier to get ready for your day. In addition to general illumination, such as recessed lights, consider lighting for the tub or shower area as well.
  5. Materials. You will need materials that are attractive, and easy to maintain. Any material that stains easily or that is not moisture resistant may not be suitable for this space. It makes sense to spend a little more for products that resist rot and mold growth.
  6. The budget. Every remodeling plan should have the budget at the top of the list. Start by deciding how much you can spend, and this will simplify your buying decisions. Buy the major items at the same time as they will take up the bulk of your budget, then you can choose smaller items such as the showerhead and accessories.

Changing your mind while the remodeling is ongoing can lead to delays and add to your costs. Talking to a contractor will help in understanding what to expect.

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