Create More Space in Your Home with These Helpful Ideas


As we start to prepare for the holidays, our plans may include inviting guests into the home. This means getting some small remodeling projects out of the way. One that only gets attention when you only realize how crowded the house has gotten, is dealing with the lack of space. Expansion is not always a viable or affordable solution, however you can add more space to the home using some of these tips.

  1. Add mirrors. This is a bit of visual trickery, but it can give the appearance of more floor space. Mirrors can also improve the lighting in the home as it reflects more of the light that comes in through the windows. This effect can be enhanced by positioning mirrors so that they can reflect the view from outside.
  2. Rethink your rooms. At some point you will have to ask yourself whether rooms are being used to their full potential. An unused corner can be converted into a reading nook, or a mini home office. A small bookshelf can be used for the books and magazines that might be lying around.
  3. Organize the bathroom. The bathroom can be one of the busiest rooms in the house, so keeping it tidy is an ongoing task. A pre-made vanity/countertop combo can beautify while serving as storage. A medicine cabinet can be installed for the small items that cause clutter in the bathroom.
  4. Invest in double duty furniture. A major part of increasing storage and making the home more spacious is by simply getting things out of the way. Some types of furniture have storage compartments that are ideal for keeping the home organized. Ottomans and storage beds can be sued for a variety of items, and you will be able to quickly find them when you need them.
  5. Install larger windows. Natural light can make any space seem airy and comfortable. Keeping the windows open in the daytime will make the home more inviting. If time and the budget allow, you can try getting larger windows installed.
  6. Rework the layout. Your space issues may be caused by a poor layout. The position of furniture should allow easy movement through rooms. Don’t make the mistake of moving furniture out of a room without first trying to address layout deficiencies.

Getting more space in the home does not require a big budget. These ideas will be the ideal short term solutions, and you can make bigger plans in the new year.

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