Consider these Tips for Finishing or Refinishing Your Kitchen


The vast amount of information available on kitchen remodeling reflects the endless choices open to the homeowner. When it comes to choosing finishes, looks are important, but other factors must be considered as well. Many elements, tones and textures can be combined for a harmonious theme. These tips should help to make the process easier for you.

Choose Countertops Early

Given its size and location, the kitchen countertop has significant visual pull. It is generally recommended that you avoid too many patterns and colors as this can detract from the theme you are trying to create. You want sturdy material, but it should also be attractive and requiring little maintenance. Natural wood and stainless steel are popular options for kitchen countertops. Composite materials are attractive and durable, and generally stain resistant. Once you have the right countertop, other tones and textures will fall into place more easily.

Make a Plan for Cabinets

The two main factors that determine cabinet dimensions are the size of the kitchen and the amount of storage space you will need. The layout is another factor that will help to shape the size of the cabinets. Slate and marble are two popular material choices, and some experts suggest using this as inspiration for choosing other materials. When it comes to cabinets, do not go overboard with materials. Usually it is best to use no more than three for a simple look that you can then boost with the right hardware.

Make Other Finishing Touches Count

While the finishes for the cabinets and countertops account for much of the visual theme, the minor finishes will help to tie everything together. This does not mean that they have to be similar to what was previously done. Instead, you can take advantage of contrasts to create a dramatic look. For example, you can use more vibrant tones for the backsplash if you have a simple countertop. The major finishes can also be helped with decorative knobs and pulls for drawers and cabinets. Adding some color with furniture is another good way to add some style.

During the planning phase for your kitchen remodeling project, take some time to acquaint yourself with the many finishes available. This will help in narrowing your options so you can be confident in your selections. Starting with a simpler palette can be helpful if you find the process more challenging than you anticipated.

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