Consider Any of These 5 Remodeling Projects and Have Your Home Looking Amazing for the Holidays


As the holidays draw closer, all the projects you never got around to doing will seem more urgent. There is not enough time to accomplish a lot, but this does not mean that you should give up on the idea. If you are expecting visits from family and friends you will need your home to be put in its best light. Luckily, you can accomplish a lot even on a small budget and with time running out before the holidays officially start.

  1. Update the lighting. Start by changing out all the light bulbs to energy saving LED bulbs. Next, it will be time to look at updating the lighting fixtures. You can even consider adding lighting in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, specifically task lighting. This will require professional workmanship to ensure safety and proper installation. New fixtures enhance interior design, and you can install lights to draw attention to artwork or the fireplace.
  2. Add minor kitchen improvements. Since there is no time for major changes, fix up the kitchen on a small scale. New lighting, or refinishing cabinets can be accomplished quickly. A new faucet can revamp the look of the countertop and sink. You can build a small pantry fairly quickly, increasing storage and helping to get rid of clutter. Changing knobs and pulls on drawers and cabinets can also make a big difference.
  3. If your bathroom needs major work, stick to one item, like changing tiles, before the holidays start. You can then bolster this with smaller improvements such as a new mirror, vanity lighting or new towel bars. You can have a new toilet put in quickly as well, adding a modern touch to the bathroom.
  4. Look at your flooring options. Changing the flooring can be a major task, but with the right help you can accomplish this quickly. You can start with the smaller rooms to ensure that the work finishes early. Start looking at flooring products so that there is no delay in starting the installation.
  5. Wok on the exterior. When upgrading the look of the home, do not forget the impression it gives from the outside. Exterior lighting makes the exterior look more attractive at night, and provides more security. If you have an outdoor deck, adding lighting can be a quick and low cost project. A new entry door and a fresh paint job can help to make a great impression.

Be sure to look at other ways to make minor improvements that can have a big impact. Remember that even minor remodeling projects require some planning.

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