Clear Signs that it is Time to Consider a Kitchen Remodel


Your kitchen can act as a snapshot of your personal tastes, and the overall style of your home. As it begins to age, it can have a similar effect on the rest of the home. With so many different design elements, it is one of those spaces that is most subject to changing trends. A regularly used kitchen will also show the signs of age, such as work cabinets and dingy floors. Here are some of the signs that will tell you to start thinking about a remodel.

  1. Lack of efficiency. One of the hallmarks of the modern kitchen is functionality. Meal preparation should not be hampered by poor design choices and an inefficient layout. Sometimes it may be necessary for more than one person to cook at the same time. If your kitchen space is beginning to feel cramped, and your meal prep takes longer than you would like because of a poor layout, it is time think about ways to open up the space.
  2. High energy bills. Older kitchen appliances can put stress on your budget. With rising energy costs, you should think about modernizing your kitchen with energy star rated appliances. In addition to saving you money, they will also help to modernize the look of the space.
  3. The lighting is inadequate. Since a kitchen is used for more than just cooking, layered lighting is always recommended. Multiple lighting sources will get rid of shadows, and it can help to draw attention to prominent features. Use task lighting for the work areas, and consider adding under-cabinet and under-shelf lighting. You can give your kitchen a new look just by updating your lighting choices.
  4. Older family members. If you have aging family members in the home, take this into account when assessing your kitchen. Many older people struggle with standard knobs and pulls. You may also need to consider the issue of accessibility for those with limited mobility.
  5. Deterioration. As stated before, some parts of the kitchen will start to break down simply due to long term use. Flaking paint, peeling wallpaper, chips and scratches are all signs that your kitchen is in need of an update. An old kitchen can make your home appear dated, so start making a list of the changes you will need.

What kind of statement do you want your kitchen to make? If you have not done any work in a long time, it may not be making right one, so start talking to a contractor or designer soon.

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