Amazing Tricks to Make Your Small Windows Look Much Larger


While large windows are preferred by homeowners in general, this is not always possible. Small windows can make it difficult to fill the home with natural light. Compared to modern home designs, smaller windows may seem less attractive to many. Today, large windows are common, but they are still seen in many older homes. However, it is possible to use some visual tricks to make it seem like you have larger windows.

Try Different Curtain Dimensions

Instead of using standard curtain measurements, make some changes that can disguise the window proportions. Use longer drapes, and hang them a few inches below the ceiling. Adding more width to the drapes can also give the impression that you have larger windows. You will have to get longer curtain rods to use more wall space and create this illusion. If you use blinds instead of drapes, you can pull off this trick as well. Put up blinds that are wider than the window by a few inches to get the effect.

Choose Light Curtain Shades

With limited natural lighting, you have to make use of lighter colors as much as possible. Do not use dark shades for your drapes as this will diminish the amount of light coming in. With lighter shades for your curtains, more light will get through, and the light tones will help to brighten rooms.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can have the effect of reflecting light, making a room seem brighter. It will appear that more light is coming through the window. You should position the mirror so that it catches the incoming light. Another advantage is that large mirrors can make small rooms look larger.

Use Window Treatments Wisely

Window treatments improve the look and functionality of windows. When you have small windows, you have to be careful about the type of treatments you choose. Horizontal patterns will make them seem even smaller, so pick patterns that have a vertical design. These tend to cause the eye to travel upward so the size of the window will be less noticeable.

Add Decorative Moldings

These may not make windows look larger, but bold embellishments will take attention away from the size. Moldings and trim will add a bold design that makes the size of the window less important. Make your choices based on the décor and architectural look of the home.

You should also pay attention to furniture near the window if you intend to draw less attention to the size. A table or desk works well when positioned directly below a small window. This will seem like a deliberate design choice, and the window size will take on less importance.

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