9 Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook in Your Home


A reading nook is an ideal space for cozying up with your favorite book. Having a dedicated spot for reading will encourage children t get into this activity, and make it easier for you to find time to relax. Here are some great ideas you can consider for building a reading nook in your home.

  1. Mini library. A comfortable seat surrounded by shelves will ensure that you have plenty of books close at hand. This can work even if there is limited space. There must be ample lighting overhead, as this nook is suitable for spaces there is no window for natural lighting.
  2. Basement nook. If you are renovating your basement, make full use of the space by setting aside a spot for reading. Choose a corner, or utilize the spacer under the stairs.
  3. Window sill nook. Build out the window sill to create the ideal reading space. Add a long cushion for comfort and maybe a few pillows. A small in-wall shelf will serve as a storage space for books.
  4. Hammock. The best thing about a hammock is that you can use it in any space where you want to do some reading. You can set it up in the attic or basement, and you can choose one base on the color scheme of the room.
  5. Attic nook. Instead of using this space for storage, consider making it your personal reading spot. With large cushions and the right lighting, you will have a space you want to retreat to time and time again.
  6. In-the-wall nook. Having a small nook built directly into a wall will add visual interest to the home’s interior, in addition to giving you a good spot for reading. Design it with the right dimensions for comfort, and add padding for all around comfort.
  7. Upper level nook. A window positioned between floors gives you the perfect spot for a reading nook conversion. Extend the sill, add a railing for safety, and install a ladder for convenience. Lighting is a good idea, but the window will provide plenty of light in the daytime.
  8. Child’s nook. A small structure like an arch can fit into a corner and give a child his or her own space for enjoying books. This is so simple to make, you can even try it as a do-it-yourself project.
  9. Repurposed nook. Using an old item is a great way to save money while creating your reading nook. Items that you can use entirely, or remove sections from include cribs, cabinets, benches, swing bench seats and ski lift chairs. Choose the right color and complete the look with pillows and blankets.

Your new reading nook does not have to be an expensive project. In fact, you may be able to make use of things you already have at home. You might also be able to find some inspiration at garage sales in your area as well.

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