4 Quick Home Renovations You Can Do Before the Holidays


As the holiday season nears, you may suddenly realize that the remodeling plan you have been putting off is now a bit more urgent. If you have been caught off guard, there is no need to panic, as there are some ways to rejuvenate your home for your holiday plans. These tips should help to get your bathroom ready for the busy season.

  1. Beautify the entryway. What better way to make a good first impression than to liven up the first thing visitors see? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of anything that can detract from the look of this area. There should be a designated space for coats, umbrellas, shoes, or anything else that is routinely placed near the entryway. Holiday-themed decorations are always a welcome addition, and a small table can help to keep the space organized.
  2. Bathroom upgrade. Bathroom improvements are essential if you are putting up guests for the holidays. Instead of a big makeover, concentrate on quick, affordable changes that can give the space a new look. A few worth considering include a new color scheme, a new bathtub, shower or sink, and a new countertop. New bathmats and a shower caddy can also add a lot to the look of the bathroom.
  3. Increase Entertainment Options. If you will have more people at your home, there will be a need to keep them entertained. If you have already made alterations to your basement, you can quickly convert it into a home theater. Add a large screen TV, seating and a refreshment area to complete the atmosphere. Any other large, infrequently used part of the home can be quickly converted for this purpose.
  4. Kitchen Touch-up. Kitchen remodeling can be costly and lengthy, so with limited time before the holidays, opt for the simpler changes. New appliances can add some luster to the kitchen, giving it a modern look. A new backsplash or countertop can be put in quickly, and these central elements will get a lot of attention.

Getting your home ready quickly for the holidays may take more than simple DIY projects, so talk to a professional contractor about the tasks that may be too much for you. Most of the changes listed above can be accomplished even with small budgets, but you should still have a plan for a hassle free project.

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