15 Quick and Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen the Facelift it Needs on Nearly Any Budget


Kitchen remodeling is considering one of the most important home updates. While it offers great return on investment, these projects can sometimes be a bit on the expensive side. Don’t be discouraged though, as there are many ways to completely rejuvenate the look of the kitchen without putting stress on your budget.

  1. Save on kitchen furniture and fixtures by looking around for deals. Scratch and dent items are usually in good shape and you can also visit local garage sales to save money.
  2. You can get an attractive, quality countertop by looking around for remnant pieces.
  3. Get creative by making your own light shades and kitchen decorations.
  4. Create focus with your lighting choices. Adding task lighting to the work areas will improve functionality and add emphasis to the design. If you have a kitchen island, this area should be illuminated as well.
  5. A fresh coat of paint can quickly update the look of cabinets and brighten the kitchen.
  6. Use warm white colors to add a visual lift to the space or to give it a fresh look.
  7. Paint mismatched furniture white to provide uniformity.
  8. The natural character of wood can add warmth and depth to any kitchen and a butcher block countertop serves this purpose, plus it is a tough material that you can cut food on without using a cutting board.
  9. Adding some extra storage will keep the kitchen free of clutter and improve your meal preparation process. You can have the dishware you need close at hand.
  10. Adding a backsplash is a cheap way to add some quick style to any kitchen.
  11. Replace existing appliances with stainless steel types for a modern and classy update. This will brighten the look of the kitchen.
  12. Search for reclaimed wood to use in the kitchen, whether it is for the floors, countertop of cabinets and shelves.
  13. Simple design changes like curtains, patterned mosaic tiles and artwork can make the kitchen look brand new.
  14. Remove cabinet doors to create open shelving and add some depth to the space. Put your attractive dishware and crockery on display to enhance the design.
  15. Don’t make unnecessary changes if you want to save money. If the appliances work well, make your changes with them in mind. You can also reuse old furniture to make kitchen furniture.

Ultimately your choices will come down to your own tastes, but always remember that small changes can sometime shave a big impact.

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